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Tom Hamilton


On January 22, 2012 while you are taking a leisurely stroll down Lincoln Road stop by the South Florida Art Center at 1:00 pm for a free lecture by New York contemporary music composer Tom Hamilton. Tom, the musical “Alchemist” actually figured out how to turn gold into music on his latest CD titled “London Fix”. With everyone’s eyes on the economy and our fixation with the value of precious metals, Tom has done the unimaginable and created a musical recording that actually traces the London Gold Market Exchange price fluctuations with flowing synthesizer lines.

Tom has created a Listening Gallery on the facade of Art Center building where you can experience the “London Fix” for yourself. It is a one hour long track teeming with layers of percolating sounds and soothing synths. Who would think to map and convert fluctuations in the spot gold market into streams of melodic electronic sounds. The end result is more poetic than literal as his creation ebbs and flows with sonic price charts that intersect and evolve in harmony.

Tom has been composing and performing avant-garde electronic music for over 30 years.  At this stage in his career he has figured out a way to slow down time with his music. Tom achieves this by employing what he calls “present time listening” methods in his compositions. In his talk Tom will demonstrate how he is able to achieve this and his concept behind “present time listening”.

Indeed this is an interesting topic and makes us wonder what melodic sounds other precious metals would make. I am looking forward to Tom’s future explorations into the sounds of the fluctuating prices of silver and diamonds. These thought provoking experiments open the doors to other visceral desires that these substances are capable of evoking.

Get ready to explore a whole new musical dimension this weekend and stop by the Art Center for Tom’s lecture titled  “Music Changing With the Price of Gold, An Environment of Continuous Electronic Music”.

The show ends this month so hurry over for some free nontraditional musical imbibes.

By Tina Cornely

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