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Benjamin Grosvenor

Benjamin Grosvenor


We are all born with a special talent. Benjamin Grosvenor discovered his talent for playing piano at the tender age of 6. The 19 year old concert pianist Benjamin Grosvenor is the youngest of five brothers and is currently studying at the Royal Academy of Music on a scholarship.

On Thursday, March 1, 2012 the Belen Jesuit Preparatory School kicked off their third performance of the season from their cultural series concert program. All who were present watched in awe as Benjamin opened his soul to the audience. What caught everyone off guard was his pervasive sense of balance and his unerring blend of classical reverence and romantic ardour. How could this be? We were stunned at the revelation that this young virtuoso was playing beyond his years. How could he feel such deep passion, joy, spontaneity and express the essence of music with such ease? One would expect him to merely interpret music but not release it from the confines of the piano. His rendition created a spell binding atmosphere and indeed was a rare performance that went beyond the crowds’ expectations.

The Belen Jesuits have a long history of promoting academic excellence, the arts and spirituality in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Belen Preparatory School was founded in 1854 in Havana, Cuba by Queen Isabel II of Spain. In 1961 the school was re-established in Miami, Florida. Now on their 51 year, they continue to educate, elevate and inspire young students through the arts.

Our hats are off to Belen’s savvy development team for spearheading these types of exciting educational endeavors. Not only do their students benefit from the experience of watching world class performances, occasionally they are given the opportunity to also perform alongside them. Last October Belen showcased Lucrecia followed by Rafael Paron in January, 2012. Looking forward to their next performance of The Sound of Music which runs from March 21 through 31, 2012 and their tribute to the Queen of Salsa, Celia Cruz on April 28, 2012 with a special concert performance by the Celia Cruz All Star Band.

You Tube Video of Benjamin Grosvenor playing Gershwin’s “When Love Walked In”.

By Tina Cornely

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