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Jennifer Louise Martin on the Quest for Beauty

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The theme of women’s constant search for beauty and society’s unrealistic expectations has always been a popular one in the modern art scene. At Verge, the London-based artist, Jennifer Louise Martin, exhibited portraits of high-fashion models and retro beauties with mascara-stained faces and an intense look in their eyes. Jennifer, who studied Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Leeds (UK), explores the female psyche’s desire for unattainable beauty and perfection through her painting. She’s influenced by, “how beauty is perceived and manipulated in the media.”

Even though oil is her preferred type of media (due to the vibrancy of the color), Jennifer is currently using acrylics because of their plastic quality, which helps transmit the “hyper real quality of beauty” in her work. The artist has been painting for fifteen years, and when asked about her greatest artistic influence, she mentions her art teacher, who first took notice of her talent and encouraged her to paint.

Jennifer decided she wanted to be an artist when she was only eighteen, during a trip to New York, where she visited several museums and attended the Jenny Saville show. Some of the models portrayed in her paintings include Dutch model Daphne Groeneveld and the iconic Kate Moss; but Jennifer admits that she prefers to paint models who are not as well-known, so that the theme of the quest for perfectionism and beauty among women remain the focus of her art.

Her advice to aspiring young artists is to stay focused, have aims, and work towards them. “Network and be proactive in pursuing your dreams,” says the artist.

For more information about Jennifer’s upcoming solo show in London, visit:

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