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Jen Stark

Jen Stark

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“Through the process of layering and cutting, Jen Stark creates visual representations of change. Her artwork emphasizes the method of repetition and how it can slowly change over time. Stark challenges the constrictions of paper, a two-dimensional medium, and creates three-dimensional sculptures which display how slight inconsistencies evolve into design. Her work frequently reflects an object’s ability to appear bland on the surface, yet reveal a hidden system of patterning and color.

Stark’s work is inspired by the mutations that life undergoes in the evolutionary process. This interest in tinkering with nature’s designs is shown in her recent work, consisting of systematically cut and stacked paper. Her method: trace, alter, cut & stack, allows the artwork to mimic evolution and display a tunnel of natural patterning. The final result also emulates organic growth in both micro and macro organisms.”

“The aim of my work is to realize the potential of simple and common materials. There are no boundaries, and I believe it can be a great source of inspiration for others. I think with new ideas, our consciousness expands a bit more and our minds evolve. Hopefully my work will enable people to open their minds so that they are able to envision and discover new ideas. I am hopeful and open to the idea of evolving our consciousness”

You can visit Jen Stark’s website here.

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*Jen Stark bio reproduced from ArtCenter/South Florida.

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